What’s Bar Dobre?

Dobre friends – after an amazing 19 months, Bar Dobre’s last night of service was Saturday, June 7. We’d like to THANK YOU so much for all of your support this last year and a half! Sorry to say goodbye to Portland’s only Polish restaurant, Bar Dobre.

And now for the good news…Dobre’s owner, Chef Stan Pratnicki, is embarking on a new venture and will be opening “Stan’wiches” in the Bar Dobre space this summer!! – stay tuned for all of the details coming soon!!

And for all of our loyal Polish food lovers out there, it’s important to note: DOBRE IS NOT DEAD! Our house-made Polish items will be available through the new Bar Dobre catering menu, which we’ll be posting on this page and on our website in the coming weeks – so be on the lookout!

Thanks again friends – come share a toast with us this week! Na zdrowie!

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